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Ruby Tuesday Restaurants – Learning More About Ruby Tuesday History, Locations, Menu And Coupons

Ruby Tuesday Restaurants – Learning More About Ruby Tuesday History, Locations, Menu And Coupons

Ruby Tuesday is an increasingly popular restaurant chain with branches worldwide. The interesting line of entrees combined with friendly and casual atmosphere have made Ruby Tuesday popular in most of its locations. The pricing of entrees of Ruby Tuesday are also impressive which means customers can enjoy a meal in their favorite restaurant without spending too much. The additional coupons sent out by Ruby Tuesday to their patrons also made the prices of the meals even more affordable. The restaurant is practically a place to enjoy a great meal with the family without spending too much.

History of Ruby Tuesday

The first branch of Ruby Tuesday opened in 1972 in Knoxville located near the University of Tennessee. The restaurant was the idea of Sandy Beall but the restaurant only came to fruition with the aid of his friends who were students at the university. The restaurant slowly expanded in nearby cities and states but the restaurant only experienced rapid expansion in 1982 when it became part of Morrison, Inc.

Because of Ruby Tuesday’s success as a restaurant, the brand became the flagship restaurant of Morrison, Inc. division for restaurants in 1996 which means Ruby Tuesday management also has to take care of their restaurants. However, the other restaurants were sold in the year 2000 so that the company could focus only on Ruby Tuesday. This move paved the way for a brand revamp, making Ruby Tuesday an even more attractive and customer friendly restaurant.

Location and Expansion

Ruby Tuesday is one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world with more than 900 branches worldwide. The restaurant currently has branches in 44 states and 13 countries. A very interesting fact about Ruby Tuesday is that most of its branches are company owned branches. Although the restaurant offers franchising opportunities, many of the branches are company owned and operated.

The restaurants expansion to other countries is very impressive. Some of the countries that currently operate Ruby Tuesday branches are: Mexico, India, Philippines and UK. Expansion is particularly aggressive in UK since Ruby Tuesday is planning to open multiple branches in various cities. They currently have a branch in Cardiff which started its operations in 2010.

Ruby Tuesday Menu 

Extensive list of entrees is one of the biggest reasons why Ruby Tuesday is a very popular restaurant. Practically anyone can find something to enjoy in the popular restaurant chain. While other restaurants are known for a particular entrée or set of menu, Ruby Tuesday can give their customers almost anything they like on their food.

A typical Ruby Tuesday menu consists of meals available during brunch, lunch or dinner. Some of the entrées are only available in the morning (Brunch or lunch) or the evening. Customers should expect to enjoy a light but satisfying meal during lunchtime and a hearty choice of meals during dinner.

The brunch menu of Ruby Tuesday is very interesting because it’s a three course meal. The first course is grilled cheese biscuits and the second course is a yogurt parfait. The third course is choice of popular breakfast entrees such as French toast, steak and eggs or omelets. Customers can also choose to enjoy the unique entrees from Ruby Tuesday such as the “Crabacado”, “Spinach and Mushroom” as well as the “Bella Chicken”.

Lunchtime offers an exquisite mix of everything you’ll enjoy which could also energize until nighttime. Their “Sharables” features some of the best sampler collection that it is becoming a must for every customer. The “Four Way Sampler” featuring different types of chicken preparation, “California Club” that perfectly combines cheese, bacon, grilled chicken with avocado and tomatoes and “Shrimp Sampler” featuring the different types of shrimp preparation are only some of the highly recommended entrees during lunch time.

Starting 4 o’clock in the afternoon, customers eager to have a hearty meal can enjoy the different types of entrée for dinner. Customers can enjoy different types of seafood entrees such as “New Orleans Seafood” and “Salmon Florentine”. Steaks are also popular during dinner time as customers can choose to enjoy sirloin or rib-eye with different types of preparation. The steak entrees are even more impressive as customers can choose to pair their steak with additional seafood.

Learning More from their Official Website

Just like most of the popular restaurant chains, Ruby Tuesday also has a highly interactive website. Through the restaurant’s official website, customers can learn the available entrees as well as their contact information. Customers can also find out through the restaurant’s official website if they can order to go or reserve a table in advance online.

The official website is also the best source of savings. Simply sign-up for their official online club called “So Connected”. Members will be the first to receive news about the upcoming promotions in select branches of Ruby Tuesday. It’s also a good source of printable coupons for discounts on select entrees.

Latest Ruby Tuesday Printable Coupons And Special Offers

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